Area of Expertise: Analytics & Optimization

At Drastic Impact, we understand the importance of data. Tracking results and making optimizations based on crucial metrics is the foundation of our success.

google analytics

Google Analytics

For our marketing clients, we install and monitor Google Analytics, the leading tracking and analytics system. This tool allows us to track the source of traffic, as well as the quality, so that we can make informed decisions about your site and marketing.

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converstion rate optimization

Conversion Rate Optimization

Conversion rate optimization (CRO) is a strategy for improving the performance of your website, specifically to drive more leads and sales. Our CRO experts write and display content in a way that guides users to “take action” on your site.

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call tracking

Call Tracking

For businesses that take leads and sales over the phone, call tracking is highly recommended. This enables us to view and record phone calls, so that we can monitor and improve the quality of the leads we are sending to your business.

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"A website without conversion rate optimization is like a car with no wheels – it will take you nowhere."

- Jeremy Abel

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