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Track Your Traffic

We will install Google Analytics on your site, which tracks data across all channels. Learn how much traffic you are getting, where it is coming from, and the level of quality.

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Demographic Data

Google Analytics provides in-depth demographic data about your site’s traffic, including location, age, gender, devices, and more, so you can better understand your potential customers.

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Improve Lead Quality

Our call tracking system allows you to log in and view and listen to the calls from our marketing campaign. This is a great resource for monitoring lead quality, as well as your lead intake process.

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Google Analytics

Track all website traffic across channels, devices, browsers, & more.

Monitor quantity and quality of traffic.

View which pages are getting the most traffic and performing the best.

Analyze demographic data to better understand your audience.

Easily generate and save detailed reports.

Google analytics

Call Tracking

Separate phone number to track marketing results.

View and listen to calls at any time.

Monitor quantity and quality of leads.

Listen to how your staff is handling the calls, to make improvements.

Monthly call tracking reports provided.

Tracking a call

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When you partner with Drastic Impact, you will receive top-notch services, results, and support. Here are just a few reasons you can trust us with your website and marketing:

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